"I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior." 
- Hippolyte Taine

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      Iqasho Błękitny Anioł*PL

Photo by Sami Pulkkinen Photography

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Neva Masquerade, male
Born: 28.1.2012
Colour: seal tabby point with white bicolor
Sire: IC Oregano Marcowe Migdały *PL
Dam: IC Dobronega Natalis Spring *CZ
Breeder: Joanna Slachta,
Błękitny Anioł*PL

Carrier of golden, agouti and dilution


HCM: normal 4/2013 (PDF)

PKD: normal (ultra) 12/2012
Felv/FIV: neg
bloodgroup A


Seinšjoki 10.11.2012 EX1

Marta Ziemianska (NOR)

Type: Excellent body, excellent boning, excellent size, excellent legs
Head: Excellent shape of the head, still undeveloped at the moment. excellent soft profile, excellent chin
Eyes: Excellent shape, open excellent expression
Ears: Excellent medium size, open at the base
Coat: Excellent texture, length, excellent contrast
Tail: Excellent medium length, bushy!
Condition: Excellent condition
Overall impression: Lovely male. 
Judgement: EX1

Vaasa 11.-12.5.2013  2 x CAC, 2 x BIV

Anneli Persson (SE)
 Type: Excellent size, excellent proportions, excellent boning

Head: Excellent profile and forehead for the age, ex broad, excellent chin
Eyes: Ex shape, colour and expression
Ears: Ex size, shape, well set
Coat: Ex quality, ex points, ex prepared for show
Tail: Excellent
Condition: Excellent
Overall impression: Promising yung male, excellent temperament.
Judgement: CAC BOV-T